Frequently Asked Questions

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Visiting The Poke Court

1. Do I need an appointment to visit The Poké Court?

Nope! Walk right in. Just tell the front desk that you have an appointment with us when you sign in.

2. What are your hours? Are you really not open on weekends?

We're open Monday - Friday from 12:00PM ET - 5:30PM ET. Unfortunately, the building we're located in has limited public hours and is not open on the weekends.

3. Help! I can't find you...

We know our location can be a bit tricky to find. We're located within a larger co-working space called Spaces so you won't see any signs for The Poké Court from the street. Once you're inside Spaces and have signed in at the front desk, take the elevator to the second floor and turn left immediately out of the elevator. We're in the hallway just past the second floor reception desk.

You can also watch this video showing how to find us after entering Spaces.

Selling To The Poke Court

We generally purchase cards at 60-80% of the market value depending on condition and rarity. (Market value is based on sources such as TCGPlayer, eBay, PriceCharting, etc.). Please reference the table below for what we're buying at this time.

A few notes:

  • We're happy to chat over Instagram or email about the items you're interested in selling, ballpark pricing, etc. but all deals must be done in person at our NYC location.
  • We're only interested in buying English or Japanese product at this time.
  • We're open to trading as well.
 Item Type Do we buy/trade?
Non-bulk singles Yes
Bulk All Sun & Moon or older bulk. For newer sets, reverse holos only.
Full collections and binders


To make the buying process more efficient, add your collection into a tracking app such as Collectr or TCGPlayer and we'll use that to determine final pricing.

Graded cards Only 9s and 10s
Sealed product Only vintage
Pokémon merchandise that isn't cards

We might! Send us a picture of the item(s) and we'll let you know.

Non-Pokémon TCG No

Inventory and Products

1. Do you have X card or product?

Send us a picture or the name of what you're looking for and we can definitely let you know. Our inventory is also constantly changing, so if we don't have it now, check back in a few weeks or so.

2. Do you sell ungraded / raw singles?

We do! Because our singles inventory changes so often, we don't put them on our website. However, you can visit our NYC location and browse our singles in person.

3. Will an item come back in stock?

Products from newer sets are more likely to be restocked than older sets, however we are also adding new inventory all the time. If there's a particular set or product you're interested in, reach out to us and we can let you know if we're anticipating a restock.

4. If I buy # boxes/bundles/packs of a product, can I get a sealed case?

Typically, if we have sealed cases available for a particular product, it will be listed as an available purchase option on the product page.

5. Do. you sell non-Pokémon TCG (Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, etc.?

Sorry, we're a Pokémon only shop.

6. Another store has a better price for X item.

We can't speak to how another shop runs their business and there are many different factors contributing to how a shop prices their items. However, as a relatively new shop, we guarantee our prices are as competitive as we're able to offer.

Your Order

1. How does in store pickup work?

You'll receive an email from The Poké Court when your order is ready for pick up. Come in anytime during our open hours (Mon-Fri, 12:00PM ET - 5:30PM ET) and show us your confirmation email.

2. What payment methods do you accept?

We understand that secure payment and ease of payment is an important guarantee of online business. We take the following methods of payments: Most major credit cards brands, PayPal, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Meta Pay, and Venmo.

3. Can I cancel my order?

If your order hasn't shipping yet, you can cancel your order. However, cancelled orders will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee. Contact us with your order number and we'll process the cancellation.


For more information on Pre-Orders, read our Pre-Order Policy.

1. Do you ship pre-orders on release day?

We try our best to ship pre-orders as close to release day as possible, however we are dependent on when we receive the product from our distributors. The shipping date we provide for pre-orders is an estimated ship date and it is possible for us to ship orders slightly earlier that, on the day of, or slightly later than that date.


For more info on Shipping, read our Shipping Policy.

1. I need my order ASAP. What shipping options do you offers?

Shipping time estimates will be displayed during checkout under the "Shipping Methods" section. Please be aware of upcoming holidays as they can affect shipping times, even with upgraded shipping. 

2. How quickly do you ship orders out?

Unless otherwise stated in the product description (eg. pre-orders), orders placed on Sunday - Thursday are typically shipped within 24 hours and orders placed on Friday - Saturday are typically shipped the following Monday. Orders placed while The Poké Court is on holiday are typically shipped the next business day.

3. Do you ship internationally?

Due to the cost of postage and customs, we unfortunately do not ship outside of the continental US at this time.

4. Where is my order?

Please remember that the delivery date displayed with your tracking details is an estimate, and your order is not guaranteed to arrive on that date. If your order still hasn't arrived a few days past the estimate delivery date, contact us with your order number and we'll do our best to help you.

Returns and Refunds

For more information on Returns and Refunds, read our Refund Policy.

1. Do you accept returns?

It depends on what items you want to return. Please refer to our Refund Policy.

2. Do you offer free returns?

No, the cost of the return shipping label will be deducted from your order's refund.

3. How long do I have to return an item?

You must contact us within 14 days of receiving your order.

4. Can items purchased online be returned in store?

Yes, eligible items can be returned in store with proof of purchase.

5. Can items purchased in store be returned by mail?


Grading Services

1. Can I submit my cards for grading through The Poké Court? How much does it cost?

Yes, we offer PSA grading submission services! For more info about the process, pricing, etc., check out our PSA Submission Service page.

2. Is my card worth grading?

There are a couple of factors that can help determine whether your card is worth grading:

  • Personal Preference - If you have a favorite card that you're looking to authenticate, protect, memorialize, etc. for your personal collection, then our opinion is that it's always worth getting it graded ☺️
  • Graded Value - Take a look at eBay or PriceCharting for the current value of a PSA 9 or 10 for the card(s) you're interested in grading and if that value isn't high enough to offset the grading fee, then generally we would not recommend grading.
  • Card Condition - Card condition can be difficult and subjective to judge. There are 4 condition categories by which PSA judges your cards and the closer to perfect across those categories your card is, the higher it will score. Generally if your card looks like it'll score less than a PSA 9, we don't recommend grading (vintage cards can be an exception). We're happy to take a look at your card in person, but please understand that we aren't PSA graders and can't guarantee what grade your card will get.


1. Can I do a collaboration with you or host an event in your shop?

Let's chat! We've hosted various content creators, as well as Rip 'n Ship events with streamers, before and are definitely open to more. Reach out to us on Instagram or by email and we can discuss details.

2. Are you on TikTok, Whatnot, etc?

  • Instagram: @thepokecourt
  • TikTok: @the.poke.court
  • Facebook: Poke Court
  • Twitter: @thepokecourt (not very active)
  • Reddit: u/thepokecourt (not very active)

If you see anyone operating under The Poké Court or Poké Court name on any platform not listed above, it is not us.