PSA Submission Service

Interested in grading your cards? The Poké Court can help!

how it works

1. Bring your cards to The Poké Court

  • Cards should be in clean penny sleeves and semi-rigid card holders. These items can also be purchased at The Poké Court during drop off.
  • Payment is required at drop off. $20/card (for raw card value under $199), $35/card (for raw card value $199 - $499, $100/card (for raw card value above $499)

2. The Poké Court sends your cards out to PSA

  • PSA shipments are sent out once The Poké Court has at least 20 cards ready for submission. Shipments are fully insured.
  • The Poké Court will take care of all submission paperwork, packaging, and shipping.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email from The Poké Court.

3. PSA does its thing

  • Average turnaround time is 3 months, but timing is not guaranteed and can take longer.
  • PSA sends back the cards using insured shipping.
  • You can check the status of your cards through our PSA submission tracker. Only the email tied to your The Poké Court account can be used to access the tracker.

4. The Poké Court receives your graded cards back from PSA

  • You'll receive a confirmation email from The Poké Court that your cards are ready to be picked up!

You can also follow The Poké Court on Instagram to see posts when cards are sent out for grading and when they're returned!

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Reach out to us if you have any questions!

What is grading and why should I grade my cards?

Grading is the submission of your cards to an authorized third party (such as PSA) to verify the authenticity and quality of your cards, as well as encase them in an official slab. If you're interested in selling, buyers generally have more confidence in the authenticity of graded cards and highly graded ones can also sell for a premium. If you're not interested in selling, grading still provides an opportunity to better protect and memorialize your favorite cards!

Why grade through The Poké Court?

The Poké Court offers an all-inclusive PSA submission service so you don't have to worry about:

  • the PSA membership fee
  • submission paperwork and card sorting
  • packing and shipping materials, costs, and labor
  • shipping insurance
What grade will my card get?

There are 4 categories on which PSA evaluates your card.

  1. Surface - how free of blemishes such as scratches, creases, etc. the front and back of the card are.
  2. Edges - how little whitening, wear, dents etc. there are on the sides of the card.
  3. Corners - similar to edges, but focusing on the corners of the card.
  4. Centering - how centered the art of card is both vertically and horizontally.

The closer your card is to perfect across these categories, the more likely it will score a high grade. We're happy to take a look at your card, but please understand that we aren't PSA graders and can't guarantee what grade your card will get.

Can I submit cards that aren't Pokémon?

Yes! We're happy to help you submit any collectible card that PSA grades (eg. Magic: The Gathering, One Piece, sports, etc.).

Can I submit non-TCG items, like video games or comic books?

Sorry, we only offer grading submission services for collectible cards.

Where is my card?

Getting your cards graded is unfortunately not the fastest process. On average, it takes about 3 months to get graded cards back and can take longer. However, PSA does keep us updated on our submissions. Check the status of your cards here.

Only the email tied to your The Poké Court account can be used to access the tracker.

Can I mail you my cards to grade?

Sorry, we only take drop-offs at our NYC location at this time.

Can you submit my cards to BGS or CGC?

Sorry, we only submit cards to PSA at this time.

The Poké Court cannot guarantee PSA turnaround time, the handling of your card(s) while in PSA's possession, or the grade your card(s) receive. In the event that PSA flags your card(s) for an upcharge The Poké Court will notify you. If you decide to decline the upcharge, PSA will return your card ungraded, but grading fee will be forfeit. PSA may also reject your card(s) for various reasons, resulting in their return ungraded and the grading fee being forfeit. There are no refunds for The Poké Court PSA submission service. In the unfortunate event that your card is lost or damaged during transit, The Poké Court will contact PSA on your behalf to address the situation. Thank you for considering The Poké Court for your PSA submission needs!