Lunar New Year

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Shiny Magikarp Lucky Red Envelope

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Style: Fish Envelope (x1)

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Catch this Shiny Magikarp for a splash of good fortune in the new year!

Envelope Translation:

  • 年年有魚 (niánniányǒuyú) is a Chinese pun for a similar sounding traditional phrase meaning "may you have abundance year after year". The last character 魚 is the word for fish and who better to wish you and your loved ones an auspicious new year than the king of fish himself!

    Items Details:

    • Magikarp inspired illustration by a local NYC artist exclusively for The Poké Court.
    • Gold foil printed on Colorplan paper.
    • Dimensions: 3.5" x 6.6”
    • Available in sets of 1 envelope, 5 envelopes, 20 envelopes or as part of the 'Double Luck' Bundle.
    • Colors may vary between your monitor's colors and the physical product.
    Weight: 0.5 lb
    Style: Fish Envelope (x1)