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The Top 12 Cards From Temporal Forces

The Top 12 Cards From Temporal Forces

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Released on March 22, 2024, Temporal Forces is the fifth main expansion set from the Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet series. It is the combined English counterpart to the Japanese expansion sets Wild Force and Cyber Judge.

Temporal Forces continues the theme of Ancient and Future Pokémon introduced in Paradox Rift, this time prominently featuring the Paradox forms the three Legendary Beasts and the three Swords of Justice through Special Illustration Rare, Hyper Rare, Ultra Rare, and Double Rare cards.

This set also marks the return of ACE SPEC cards, previously introduced in the Pokemon TCG: Black & White series, though new to Temporal Forces is the brilliant magenta color of the card design.

Curious as to which cards are the most desired from Temporal Forces? Here are the top 12 (as of March 2024 - Data compiled from various sources such as TCGPlayer, Collectr, Pricecharting, etc.):

The top 12 most desired cards from Temporal Forces are Iron Crown ex Special Illustration Rare (SIR), Raging Bolt ex SIR, Iron Leaves SIR, Walking Wake ex SIR, Gouging Fire ex SIR, Morty's Conviction SIR, Bianca's Devotion SIR, Price Catcher ACE SPEC Rare, Eri SIR, Iron Boulder ex SIR, Gastly Ilustration Rare, Maximum Belt ACE SPEC Rare.

Pokémon Ranger Kat's Bonus Pick: I’m a sucker for gorgeous connecting art and the colors on these two cards just had me at hello! The multi-season forest is such a fun and vibrant nod to Deerling and Sawsbuck’s seasonal forms. What I can’t decide though, is Deerling simply running after Sawsbuck or does the multi-season forest also represent the passage of time and Deerling is actually evolving into Sawsbuck in the gap between the cards...? 🤯

Deerling and Sawsbuck Illustration Rares.
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