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Speak like a gym trainer – 20 essential terms!

Speak like a gym trainer – 20 essential terms!

For trainers and parents new to the Pokémon card world, here's a simplified guide:


  • Booster Pack: Think of this as a surprise bag. Each pack contains 10 random Pokémon cards, ranging from common to ultra-rare.
  • Booster Box: This is a big box filled with multiple booster packs, usually 36, but sometimes fewer for special editions.
  • Elite Trainer Box: It's like a starter kit, including cards, game tools, and accessories.
  • Build & Battle Stadium: This has everything for a two-player game, including decks and extras.
  • Set: Each set is a themed collection of 200-300 cards, introducing new Pokémon and game elements.
  • Series: A series is a group of sets released over a period, sharing themes and mechanics.
  • Base Set: The original 1999 cards, highly valued by collectors.
  • First Edition: Cards from the very first print run, marked and more valuable.
  • Shadowless: Early cards without a shadow on the image, more collectible.
  • Holo (Holographic): Cards with shiny images; reverse holos have the shine on the card body.
  • Misprints and Errors: Cards with mistakes, often more valuable due to their rarity.
  • Graded Cards: Cards rated for condition by experts on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Pull Rate: This tells you how likely you are to find rare cards in packs.
  • God Pack: A super rare pack where every card is a valuable collectible.
  • Master Set: A complete collection of a set's cards and variations.
  • Pokédex: An in-game catalog of Pokémon species.
  • Starter Pokémon: The initial Pokémon choice in video games.
  • Shiny Pokémon: Rare, differently colored Pokémon.
  • Legendary Pokémon: Rare and powerful Pokémon important in the game's story.
  • Gym Leader: A key trainer in the game to defeat for badges.
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