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The Top 12 Cards From Twilight Masquerade

The Top 12 Cards From Twilight Masquerade

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Released on May 24, 2024, Twilight Masquerade is the sixth main expansion set from the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet series. It is the combined English counterpart to the Japanese expansion sets, Mask of Change and Crimson Haze.

Twilight Masquerade introduces the masked Legendary Pokémon Ogerpon to Pokémon TCG, as well as other Pokémon and trainers from the land of Kitakami, the main setting of the Scarlet and Violet mainline games' first DLC, the Teal Mask.

Curious as to which cards are the most valuable from Twilight Masquerade? Here are the top 12 (as of May 2024 Data compiled from various sources such as TCGPlayer, Collectr, Pricecharting, etc.).

Pokémon Ranger Kat's Bonus Pick: If my Mask of Change pick of the Chimecho Art Rare was for the chill, lazy day summer vibes. This Tatsugiri Illustration Rare pick is for the fun in the sun, fruity drinks by the pool summer vibes! Slap on some SPF100 and grab your HM03, summer here we come! 😎🍹🏖️

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Prefer Japanese cards? Find the Japanese versions of Twilight Masquerade cards in Crimson Haze and Mask of Change.

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