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The Top 12 Cards From Crimson Haze

The Top 12 Cards From Crimson Haze

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Released on March 22, 2024, Crimson Haze is the fourth Japanese subset from the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet series. The English versions of Crimson Haze cards will be included in Twilight Masquerade (releases May 22, 2024).

With the pack art featuring Bloodmoon Ursaluna, Crimson Haze focuses mainly on Pokémon and trainers found in the land of Kitakami. If you played the Scarlet or Violet mainline Pokémon games, you may spot some familiar faces from the first DLC, The Teal Mask.

Curious as to which cards are the most valuable from Crimson Haze? Here are the top 12 (as of March 2024 Data compiled from various sources such as TCGPlayer, Collectr, Pricecharting, etc.).

If you're interested in the all the Art Rares and Secret Art Rares from Crimson Haze, you can check them out here.

The top 12 most desired cards from Crimson Haze are Perrin Special Art Rare (SAR), Lana's Assistance SAR, Greninja ex SAR, Perrin Super Rare (SR), Lana's Assistance SR, Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex SAR, Emergency Board Ultra Rare (UR), Sinistcha SAR, Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex UR, Luminous Energy UR, Greninja ex SR, Eevee Art Rare.

Pokémon Ranger Kat's Bonus Pick: I know Gym Leader Courtney is going to strongly disagree with this pick because Hisuian Growlithe is one of her favorite Pokémon and it is admittedly an adorable companion card to the Perrin Special Art Rare. However, as someone who collects Cramorant cards, I have been WAITING (Stamp Box Promo 💸 aside) for a fully illustrated Cramorant card to showcase my bird in all his majestic, thousand-yard stare, derpy-ass glory. He's beauty and he's grace, he's Miss Crimson Haze! 🗽

Cramorant Art Rare

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Prefer English cards? Find the English versions of Crimson Haze cards in Twilight Masquerade.

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    These posts are awesome! Hope to see more with all the new sets.

    April 11, 2024
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