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MeesterKeem x The Poké Court Rip 'n Ship

Join IRL streamer MeesterKeem at The Poké Court for the release of Twilight Masquerade! A free Twilight Masquerade booster pack will be included with orders made on the 24th in celebration 🥳 (Limit 1 per customer, see details.)


Friday, May 24th @ 1PM ET


how to participate

Purchase Pokémon TCG product from The Poké Court, and MeesterKeem will rip it for you live on Twitch!


If you don’t have a username, please write “rip live” instead. Purchases that don't include either will NOT be ripped on stream and will be shipped to you sealed.

After your product has been ripped, The Poké Court team will pack up all your cards and ship to the shipping address used during checkout. (US addresses only, sorry international friends.)

If you have any questions, check out the FAQs at the bottom of the page or reach out to us at or

All purchases made for the MeesterKeem x The Poké Court Rip 'n Ship event are subject to The Poké Court policies and terms of service. Any purchases made on 5/20/2024 through the end of the stream that include a Twitch name, Discord name, or "rip live" in the checkout special instructions will be opened live by MeesterKeem during the event. If you wish to cancel any orders made for the event, it must be done before your purchase is opened on stream (Cancellation Policy applies). Purchases made for the event with a non-US shipping address will be refunded.


Reach out to us if you have any questions!

Can I purchase product before the stream starts?

Yes! As soon as you make your purchase, The Poké Court will set your products aside for the stream. You can also make purchases during the stream.

Please make sure you include your Discord name, Twitch name, or "rip live" in the checkout special instructions so that we know your purchase is for the event.

Will you ship all my cards or just the hits?

We'll ship all the cards that MeesterKeem opens for you. If you purchase product that contains additional items like coins, dice, player guides, etc. those will be shipped to you as well.

All packaging (eg. boxes, wrappers) will be discarded however unless otherwise requested.

If you would only like your hits shipped, please add that to the note during checkout and/or let us know during the stream.

How are my cards protected during the event?

All hits will be placed in penny sleeves and top loaded.

All cards will placed securely in a team bag for shipping / pick up.

I pulled my chase! Can I get it graded?

Yes! The Poké Court does offer PSA submission services and for event participants, we'll ship your graded cards to you. Email us at and we'll send you an invoice.

You can read more about our PSA submission services here.

I can't join the stream until later. What time does it end?

As long as there's product to rip, we're gonna keep ripping!

Is what we'd like to say. We plan on leaving the end time flexible, but eventually MeesterKeem and The Poké Court team will have to go home 🥲

Can I visit The Poké Court in person during the stream?

Sure, come visit anytime before 5:30PM ET! We're located at 413 W 14th St #253, New York, NY 10114. Just tell the security desk you have an appointment with The Poké Court when you sign in.

Are you guys going to do more events like this?

We absolutely want to and plan on it! If you enjoy this kind of content, let us and MeesterKeem know!